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Charles D. Vercellone
Accredited Investment Fiduciary®
Chartered Financial Consultant®
Wealth Strategies Group, LLC

Client Attributes:

I work with those who have hopes and dreams of a comfortable financial future and are looking for help and direction. Some are looking to provide post-secondary education for their children or grandchildren. Others desire that dream vacation, 1st home, vacation property, or funding special events. Still others are concerned Social Security will either not exist or not be sufficient to provide any meaningful income. Most concerns generally center around generating sufficient income without running out of funds over their expected lifetime.

Financial Objectives:

The financial objectives for most of my clients are growth of capital and income generation while minimizing the risk of loss of principal. They are long-term investors looking for direction not active trading. Investment returns sufficient to meet their goals are more important than trying to beat a meaningless index. They are receptive to new ideas for managing their assets and are willing to take action once the advantages and disadvantages have been discussed and understood.

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