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Spring 2022

| April 11, 2022

Here we are, Spring of 2022 and just past the first quarter.  We had high hopes for 2022.  An end to the pandemic -- after 2 years of lockdowns, high unemployment, and business closings was on our wish list.  It looked like we started to see that wish come true.  However, the Ukraine conflict, non-transitory high inflation, and The Fed needing to take more rapid steps undoing their support for the past few years have created volatility and concern.  These issues have pushed interest rates higher (good news for savings accounts and CD’s, bad news for mortgages and loans), created additional volatility in the stock markets, and have analysts saying the dreaded R word, recession.  Where do we stand today and what can we expect for the rest of 2022 and into 2023?  All good questions but no one has an answer to bank on.  So….how do we proceed?

 The first step is to review your financial and retirement plans and revisit your investment risk tolerance.  Step 2 is to review your investment portfolio mix and determine if it still matches your risk tolerance and long-term goals.  Step 3 is to re-balance and adjust if needed. And step 4 is to relax and don’t spend time worrying over short-term events.  I am not saying to ignore current events and market trends.  These are issues that should be discussed with your investment professional to determine if changes to your allocation should be considered.  The goal is to have your investments structured for long-term success and to minimize short-term setbacks, and don’t panic.  Studies have shown that the markets worst days are often followed by their best1.

 If you don’t have a plan, don’t know how to determine your risk tolerance, or have any other questions, visit to schedule a time to talk.